Mr. Fox

The Fox dance has been displayed at feasts and fairs up and down England. Here are a few of our highlights.

Private Functions

Reveal We enjoy putting together a special show for people who want something utterly stunning.

Arts festivals

Reveal You can't blame them for wanting us - we provide that element so often missing from the arts in this country. Fire.


Reveal Especially in Sussex, bonfire night celebrations are a high point in many peoples' lives. We are particularly suited to these - our drumming and fiery presence makes a huge impression.

Small Festivals

Reveal The Fox show benefits from getting its audience close-up, preferably in a square or other confined space. If the event itself is a small one, we create a correspondingly big effect.


Reveal Imbolc was a Saxon festival to celebrate the end of winter and the start of lambing. Mmm, yes, foxes like lambs! The Imbolc celebrations every year at Marsden (on the first Saturday in February) are great fun.

Larger Festivals

Reveal Just because we make a big bang at small festivals, doesn't mean we don't hold our own at the biggest festivals. You can see how we've remained popular with festival organisers for many years.


Reveal A raid is when we do a show just for the hell of it - we'll pick an event where there's already an audience, and then go in with all drums blazing.